Dear game developers…

Dear game developers,

  • ask me once where I want to save. Only ask if more than one location exists.
  • Don’t ask me where, when or how I want to save. Just do it. Auto-rotate between a handful of states automatically to be sure.
  • Don’t tell me that you are saving or that it was successful – I assume it was, if there’s a potential for failure here, you suck.
  • I want to be able to change the difficulty at any time. There’s no standard for “hard”.
  • Don’t make me press a button to advance. This is entertainment, not a hamster wheel.
  • Don’t display subtitles by default, nobody likes those.
  • Always ship with English texts. There might be cases where you can’t fit English voices, but there is no excuse for not including text.
  • Don’t tell me about news, DLC or your awesome third-party account system. I don’t care, nobody does.
  • I’m sure your cutscenes are awesome. I still want to skip them, sometimes.
  • Your cutscenes are so short! I still want to be able to pause them, sometimes.
  • Your logo looks pretty nice! I still don’t want to see it every single time I start the game.

Do all of this, not just some. It’s called professionalism.

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